Born in East Harlem, New York, but raised in Atlanta, Ga since the age of 8 , Maverick Christ has been "On the Move" and hasn't looked back. Maverick began writing music, poetry, and all of his thoughts and emotions of his childhood the good AND BAD into his binders and notebooks in private which would soon become the catalyst through which he started his musical journey. Maverick was exposed to all sorts of music growing up from late 80s rock and the early 90s grunge scene, 90s R&B, and allot of hip hop from every part of the country. Maverick began turning his hobbies into art when he began producing beats and even putting out his first few featured verses on wax and uploaded to  his popular myspace PAGE in 2005. Being influenced by films, astronomy, video games,  TOUGH life situations and growing up in both the inner streets and suburbs of two different coast, Maverick incorporates all of this into impeccable wordplay, and a handful of catchy melodies that paints a picture in vibes. His goal behind the music is to motivate you to use your talents AND VISION to achieve your goals, and to prosper  AND TRIUMPH OVER THE TRAPS AND STRUGGLES OF LIFE TO SUCCEED in everything you put your mind to. IN December 2015 he dropped his debut EP "Prosperous Psyche" which was received well by fans and made a wave for his self with the smash trippy yet motivational hit "On the Move". His sound is street, lyrical, melodic, INSPIRATIONAL, and diverse which catches listener's off guard in a good way. Shortly after IN AUGUST 2016 he followed up with "Prosperous Psyche vol. 2" . This added a whole new sound that caught the ears of press which was followed by the smooth " Girls in the City" where he really showed some of his vocal ability. Everything in both projects was  blend of lyrical wordplay, bouncy yet catchy hooks, and smooth wavy motivational hits with a sound that blends well all throughout the music. With no signs of slowing down and the music just getting even more layered, fun, personal, and unique it isn't soon before the world has their eye on him.